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November 7, 2016:  Please welcome our Follow-Up Report Team:


Dr. John Weispfenning
Coast Community College District


Dr. Kevin Botenbal
Instructional Technology Librarian
Cuesta College


Mr. Erik Cooper
Dean of Planning, Research, and Resource Development
Sierra College


Dr. Sherrie Guerrero
Executive Liaison Special Projects
Chaffey College


Laney College’s Accreditation 

Laney College was officially given full accreditation by the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC) in summer 2009. Laney was one of only five community colleges — out of 27 reviewed that year — to receive a clean bill of health from the accrediting team. Affirmation by the commission is really an affirmation of the work of the faculty, classified staff, administrators, and student leaders who continue to work together in support of our 20,000 students each year, and our great community. Our collective commitment and dedication comprise the long-term educational quality that is at the core of a successful accreditation. During the last six years, the leadership among internal and external stakeholders has ensured the quality of Laney’s educational programs and services. The 2015 institutional self-evaluation (ISE) report reflects many of the outstanding efforts of Laney College. Since 2009, Laney College has marshaled great achievements even when faced with significant challenges that affected all aspects of this fine institution. Those challenges included responding to recommendations by ACCJC and addressing major fiscal exigencies due to unanticipated reductions to the college budget. Systematically, Laney worked strategically to address each matter while enlisting an expanded base of partners to assist. The results included:

  • Continued reaffirmation of the accreditation of Laney College;
  • State approval of new programs including ten (10) transfer degrees in anthropology, business administration, communication studies, mathematics, political science, psychology, sociology, studio arts, theatre arts and kinesiology;
  • Over 1,200 courses updated and new courses and programs added;
  • Ensured status as an education hub for career technical education in manufacturing, the construction trades, energy efficiency, advanced electronics, culinary arts and more
  • Secured over $15M in grants to strengthen programs and services for students;
  • Developed sound planning documents i.e., educational master plan,, facilities master plan,, student support services plan, .
  • Enhanced partnerships to well over 300 among business and industry, governmental and community-based organizations, foundations, unified school districts and 4-year colleges and universities;
  • Streamlined institutional resources especially in information technology;
  • Expanded the reach of the college through event planning and welcoming international partners from the continents of Africa and Asia as well as Latin American and European countries;

The success of the accreditation process is due to inclusion and a broad range of participation and representation committed to the mission, vision and values of Laney, and meeting the standards, eligibility requirements and policies of the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges, The 2015 institutional self-evaluation (ISE) report compiles many of the outstanding efforts of Laney College, and reflects the voices of the faculty, classified staff, student leaders and administrators. A generous thank you goes to professors Rebecca Bailey and Mark Rauzon for leading this effort, and to all the members of the Institutional Self-Evaluation (ISE) Committee who started working on drafting the report in fall 2013. Also, my deep appreciation to Vice President Lilia Celhay for spearheading the work as the accreditation liaison officer (ALO). The leadership is grateful to a remarkable team of colleagues who are unwavering in their commitment to excellence. We encourage all members of the community served by Laney College to read this document in order to learn how your investments have been used to strengthen our capacity to serve our students. Thank you for your contributions to shaping the future of Laney College.

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    Saturday 3 December 2016
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