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Welcome to my website!   I used this page as an information resource for my students.  This Summer 2015  semester, I will be teaching two sections of  Financial  Accounting and one section of Managerial Accounting Online.

A note to all students registered for the  online sections:

We will be using Moodle, the Peralta Online Portal, for all my classes.  The summer semester begins on Monday, June 15.  I will be sending an email to all register students Thursday, June 11 to with the course information.  Until then, students will not be able to enter the course webpage.  Please make sure you are receiving emails through your Peralta email address.   If you do not check you Peralta email, just go to and log into the the class. (Note:  the Moodle page for the course will not available until mid-June)

Class Communication:  All communications will be by email.  If you do not use the Peralta email system, you will have an opportunity to change it once in Moodle.  Please download the document “How to change my profile” which will be give you step by step instructions. How to change Your Profile

The Summer semester does not begin until June 15.   For all register students  you will be able to access the course webpage a few days earlier, take this opportunity to familiarize with the course and purchase the textbook.  In the meantime, you will be able to download the syllabus and read the pertinent material. Click on the menu to the left to download a PDF file of the syllabus.

Please read the syllabus carefully since there will not be an on campus orientation for the course.  If you have questions, please email me at make sure to write your name and the course you are register in the subject of the email. Please note that all online accounting classes have a full wait list, if you delay logging into the course website, will indicate that you are not interested in taking the  class and your space will be given to someone waiting for a space.

If you decide that the class you are register for is not for you, go to Passport and officially drop the class.  This will give another student the opportunity to enroll.

Please remember that Financial Accounting is a prerequisite for Managerial Accounting.  Students should have taken Financial Accounting prior to enrolling in Managerial Accounting.

Class Enrollment – Waiting List:

Enrollment in any of the classes I teach is based on class capacity.  I recommend that you add your name to the waiting list of the course you want to take.  When a student drops you may be able to register.  Check the Passport System often as there will be changes to the enrollment in the next few weeks and until the beginning of class.  I do not have permission numbers to add student to classes. Permission numbers are given to me on the first week of class.  I cannot hold seats for students.  The registration system is automatic.

Just a note of caution, being on the waiting list does not guarantee enrollment in the class.

Looking forward to working each and every one of you this semester! 

30579 Bus-1A Syllabus Summer 2015

30402 Bus-1A Syllabus Summer 2015

Bus-1B Summer 2015 Online Syllabus

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