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The Asian and Pacific American Student Success (APASS) Program is a learning community at Laney College to help Asian and Pacific Islander students achieve their educational goals. APASS provides you with Counselors and Instructors to assist you in transferring to a 4-year university, attain an AA degree or certificates. Students who participate in a learning community become part of a group or cohort who take classes together.

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Benefits of Joining APASS

Students who participate in learning communities are more successful in completing their educational goals because they:

➤ Complete more course units.

➤ Earn better grades.

➤ Form strong relationships with instructors, counselors, tutors and other students who serve as an effective support system.

➤ Get tutoring assistance.

➤ Receive one on one academic and career counseling support.

➤ ESL students get additional help to improve their English and math skills.


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Michael Lok, APASS Program Specialist
Office (510) 464-3203
Gym Room 112 (Across from the Pool)

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