Image: Scenes from around campus

Fallon Street Campus

It started as a vision.

The Laney Campus @ Fallon Street

 Architectural Rendering Future Laney Campus (1966)


ABOVE:  Architect’s rendering of the future Laney campus

Source:  Peralta Colleges Civic Center Campus Master Plan & Schematic Design (May 16, 1966, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, Architects)


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The 1966 total cost estimate for the Laney College Fallon Street campus (including building complex, parking, architect/engineer fees, contingency/escalation, and land acquisition) was:


A)   $24,000,000

B)    $110,000,000

C)    $575,000,000

D)   $880,000,000


See the 1966 architectural Master Plan for Laney’s Fallon Street campus on the Laney Digital Archives website: