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Biomanufacturing Home

CTE Open House on April 27th from 10am-3pm


dh512020_1395Biomanufacturing is a  term that refers to the production, isolation and purification of medicines made by pharmaceutical companies. This is an exciting and expanding new field. The Bay Area is the world’s leader in biomanufacturing.

The Biomanufacturing Program provides students with the necessary training in the basic skills of biology, biomanufacturing, chemistry and math, as well as an introduction to biomanufacturing careers to enter the workforce. Two Certificates and a new Associates of Science degree are offered. Each certificate/degree prepares the student to work as an entry-level technician and other positions in the manufacturing component of the biotech/pharmaceutical industry.  Please see the descriptions of the different programs on the Biomanufacturing Degrees page.

There is a demand for workers with the skills gained in the Laney Biomanufacturing Program.  In addition, biotech companies will frequently pay for the continuing instruction of students as they progress toward bachelor’s and graduate degrees.

No prior training in biomanufacturing, biotechnology, or other scientific fields is required; however, a desire to learn new high tech skills and a commitment to hard work are important.


  • Biomanufacturing Brochure (PDF – 1.5 MB)

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