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Peralta Foundation Scholarship Announcement: Application Deadline October 13, 2014

11 September 2014

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Scholarships and Grants being offered for the Fall Semester of 2014 are:


Antoinette Lenahan Child Development Scholarship (1) Merritt College

Henry Fort Memorial Book Scholarship (4) All four Colleges

Ivan J Houston Scholarship (1) All four Colleges

James Hubbell Nursing Scholarship (2) Merritt College

Jian Biao Li Scholarship (2) All four Colleges

Metal Cutters Scholarship (2) Laney College

Oakland Scholars Promise Fund Scholarship (2) All four Colleges

Peralta Colleges Foundation Scholars Award (20) All four Colleges

Richard Lewis McHugh Memorial Scholarship Award (1) College of Alameda

Ruth Bittman Memorial Scholarship (4) All four Colleges

Sheryl Queen Memorial Scholarship (1) All four Colleges

Torri Minton Scholarship Award (1) Laney College

Willa Graves Memorial Scholarship Fund (1) Laney College


Classroom Enrichment Grants (5) Faculty and Staff –


Application deadline: October 13, 2014

To apply go to and click on:     Apply Now


Please print and share this information:


There will be more scholarships offered in the Spring!

For a complete list of the scholarships, the applications for scholarships and grants, and information on the California Dream Act please visit our website.

It is recommended that all applicants for this scholarship complete the Free Application for Financial Aid (FAFSA) and any other required forms through the Financial Aid Office to provide the selection committee with the applicant’s financial needs assessment.  However, under the California Dream Act (AB 130) students attending a Peralta college who are exempt from paying nonresident tuition under AB 540 are eligible to receive scholarships funded by private donations and administered through the Peralta Colleges Foundation. See the Master Scholarship Application for other acceptable ways to demonstrate financial need.

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