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The degree program prepares you for employment as a junior accountant. The certificate may lead to positions in accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, general ledger, and other accounting functions.

Degree Major/Certificate Requirements:


Dept/No. Title


BUS 10 Introduction to Business 3
BUS 202** Business Mathematics 3
BUS 204 AB Business Machine Calculations 2
BUS 230 D Beginning Keyboarding 1
BUS 1A Financial Accounting 4
BUS 5+ Human Relations in Business 3
BUS 201*** Business Communications 3
ECON 1*+ Principles of Economics (Macro-Economics) 3
BUS 1B Managerial Accounting 4
BUS 21 Payroll Accounting 3
BUS 24+ Computerized Accounting Principles 3
ECON 2*+ Principles of Economics (Micro-Economics) 3
BUS 2 Introduction to Business Law 3
BUS 4 Cost Accounting 3
BUS 54* Small Business Management 3
BUS 209 Fundamentals of Income Tax 4
Total Required Units for Certificate 38
Total Required Units for Degree Major 47

*When the Accounting major is applied to the Associate Degree, these additional courses are required.

**Math 201 or 210ABCD or a more advanced Math course may be substituted for Bus 202.

***Engl 1A or 201A or 201B may be substituted for Bus 201.

+Course may be applied to Associate Degree General Education requirement.

For Associate Degree General Education requirements, refer to page 75.


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