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The Career Center assists students and community citizens make informed career decisions and develop marketable employment skills for future possibilities.



The career center integrates current technology with effective career development practices and employment services in order to provide excellent services, events, activities, programs, and resources to assist students and community citizens in choosing careers and seeking opportunities.


Service Area Student Learning Outcomes (SA-SLO’s)

  • Students will identify possible careers that would match their strengths, personality types, interests, skills, and/or values.
  • Students will use one of the career assisted career guidance systems (Eureka, Career Cruising, or KuderJourney), join a mentorship program, attend career development events, and/or apply information interviewing techniques for in-depth major or occupation exploration.
  • Students will experientially learn new careers through joining an internship and/or a job shadowing program(s).
  • Students will market themselves for employment opportunities through effective resume/cover letter writing and interviewing skills.
  • Students will use the Laney college’s EagleHire CSM job database to seek local employment opportunities.
  • Local employers will connect and hire recent Laney college graduates through posting their job openings at the Laney college’s EagleHire CSM database.
  • Local organizations will collaborate with Laney college’s career center to create effective career development and employment related programs, events, activities, and resources for students and community citizens.



  • Individual, Group, and Online Career Counseling Services
  • Career Assessment Administrations and Interpretations
  • Career Development and Employment Skills Workshops/Webinars
  • Local Company Tours
  • Local Company’s Profile Information
  • Update on Metropolitan Regional Workforce and Economics profile
  • Laney college’s EagleHire CSM Job Database
  • Career Briefs related to Laney college’s majors
  • Career Library
  • Career Development and Employment Events, Programs, Activities, and Resources


The Career Center is located in the Tower building, 2nd floor, Room 201. Please email or call (510) 646-3152 if you have any questions about the Career Center.


For employer services, please contact Raya Zion, Employment Program Manager at (510) 464-3530 or email at


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