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The Classified Senate is building towards Elections of new Senate Representatives…


The Classified Senate is currently doing Educational Outreach to inform Laney College Classifieds on the importance of a strong Senate to represent and advocate for their interests.

Our goal is to increase Classified engagement in the Senate. Below is a list of the ways the Senate promotes the interests of Laney College Classified Professionals.


    • Participates in the college’s governance structure


    • Provides a body representing the needs, concerns, and viewpoints of the Classified Staff other than contract bargaining agreement issues


    • Provides a centralized means of communication between Classified Staff and the rest of the college community


    • Selects from its membership representatives to serve on governance and college committees


    • Articulate the professionalism of the Classified Staff so that is it properly recognized and valued


    • Provides an opportunity for enhancing the democratic process of governance


    • Provides an opportunity to develop individual leadership amongst the Classified Staff as well as increase the professional standards of its members


    • Promotes and supports activities that develop or increase the skills, productivity, and professionalism of the Classified Staff


    • Promotes the interests of the Classified Staff in the development and formulation of policy and practice related but not limited to the following: selection and retention of administration; staff development education; facilities and services; student/classified and faculty/classified relations; finance and budget.



The Results of the Classified Senate Survey are in!

The Senate Survey closed Friday, September 18th, and the following top results were obtained from Laney Classifieds.


  • Professional Development Opportunities
  • Hiring more full-time classifieds
  • Pay increases
  • No more 4/10 summer work schedules
  • More classified representation on shared governance bodies
  • Actual shared governance


These items will become the top focus/goals of the new Classified Senate Body that will be seated following the upcoming Senate elections.







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    Saturday 30 April 2016
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