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Laney College Concurrent Enrollment


The program is designed to increase exposure to a college or university where a student might not otherwise plan to enroll, to allow student access to complete required courses not available at
their home campus, and to enable students to test their potential for success in a college or university environment. Each eligible student may complete a maximum of two courses at the four
year institution while attending community college, if the grade in the first course is “C” or higher and the student’s overall grade point average remains at a GPA of 2.4 or higher.

Eligible Students are able to:

  • Enroll in one lower division class each semester at a participating 4-year school.
  • Earn academic credit (lower division) at one of the participating colleges or universities.
  • Enjoy the university experience before you transfer

Participating Colleges

California State University, East Bay

Mills College 

John F. Kennedy University

Holy Names University 

UC Berkeley (ONLY have Cross Registration program for student who had 4 yrs college credits previously)


  1. Completion of 20 semester units of transferable coursework with a minimum GPA of 2.4 or higher.
  2. Completion of English 1A with “C” or higher.
  3. Full-time student status (12 semester units) during the term of participation in the program, including the units for the one course they will be permitted at the University during any academic period.
  4. The student’s home campus (majority of units) must be Laney College during the semester of application and during the semester enrolled the concurrent enrollment course. Since students take courses at multiple Peralta Colleges, please consult with the Concurrent Enrollment Coordinator for any issues pertaining to enrollment and home campus determination. Student on Financial Aids also need to receive Aid from Laney College only.
  5. Students must have completed any prerequisite courses necessary for the course they wish to take at the University.
  6. Current  Student Educational Plan (SEP) developed with a Laney College counselor.
  7. Students must be recommended for concurrent enrollment by a Laney counselor.
  8. Official transcripts from community colleges outside the Peralta District on file.
  9. Each student may enroll for only one lower division course per semester at the four-year institution. (Limited 2 courses in student’s lifetime.)
  10. Has not previously attended a four year institution as a regular student or earned a 4 year degree.
  11.  Course(s) not offered at Laney College and course is not restricted from the four-year institution.
  12. Student is not permitted  to enroll Concurrent course if he/she has a schedule time conflict with Laney College classes.

*See CSUEB Cross Registration Guidelines for campus specific information

For more information make an appointment to see the Concurrent/Cross-Registration Program Counselor at the Counseling Department Office on the 3rd floor of the Administration Building T-350.  You can call 510-464-3152.  Applications accepted through appointment only. 


The deadline to apply for participation in the following term (Fall & Spring ONLY) is the May 9th & Nov 28th.







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