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The two certificate programs (majors) in this department are Baking and Pastry and Restaurant Management. They provide students with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes which enhance successful employment in the various job classifications of the Culinary Arts industry.

The programs include pre-employment courses, supervised experience prior to employment, extension classes, and short-term workshops for upgrading skills. Many classes are approved by Retail Bakers Association (RBA) and National Restaurant Association (NRA).

Baking and Pastry

The major in Baking prepares students for employment in retail bakeries, and in industrial and commercial establishments as pastry cooks or bakers.

Restaurant Management

The major in Cooking offers technical trade theory and practical laboratory experiences in basic cooking procedures which prepare students for entry into the various job classifications of the industry. Students have the opportunity to demonstrate their capabilities in the operations and supervision of the food preparation facility at Laney College.


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2017 Open House in Culinary Arts Saturday April 29th 10-2 pm.

Prizes, samples and tours!


  • Culinary Arts Brochure (PDF – 424KB)

    Culinary Arts Brochure

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