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Welcome to the Laney College Curriculum Committee website. On our site, you can find information to help you get started developing your curriculum, update existing curriculum and programs as well as read more about our committee. You can also go to the Where Can I Find It? page to help you search for the documents you need or download all the pages as a word document.


Our Function:

As a standing committee of the Laney College Faculty Senate, the curriculum committee is responsible for the review and approval of curriculum.  After curriculum committee approval, curriculum requests move through to the Vice President of Instruction, the Council of Instructional Planning and Development (CIPD) and the Board of Trustees.


Laney College Faculty Senate Homepage:

 Our Responsibilities:

  • Review proposals for new courses and programs, course and program revisions and deactivations.
  • Participate in the program review and accreditation review processes.
  • Review and recommend changes in the general education and graduation requirements.
  • Review course proposals for alignment with articulation requirements.
  • Recommend procedures and policies affecting curriculum.
  • Review and recommend changes to the college catalog.

Responsibilities of Committee Membership

Responsibilities of Curriculum Committee Chair

To learn more about our committee, you can download our guidelines here: Curriculum Committee Guidelines Updated March 2015

Here is a slide presentation about What It Means to Be on the Laney College Curriculum Committee.

You can download all the information on this website here: Curriculum-Committee-Website-Information-Updated-5.12.2014

Here is the link to our District Curriculum Manual:

Here is a list of our committee members, the division they represent and their email address:

Name Position email
*Annie Agard Co-chair
*Vina Cera Co-chair
*Iolani Sodhy-Gereben Academic Support Services Specialist
*Lilia Celhay Vice President of Instruction
*Laura Bollentino Articulation Officer
*Laura Gomez-Contreras Counselor
*Pinar Alscher Area 1 Physical Sciences
*Donald Moore Area 2 Social and Behavioral Sciences
*John Reager Area 3 Humanities
*Steve Zetlan Area 4 Language and Rationality
*Meryl Siegal  Area 5 Ethnic Studies
*Phillippa Caldeira Librarian
*Daniela Nikolaeva
Career/Technical Education
*Peter Brown Career/Technical Education
Mildred Lewis Dean, Community Leadership
Peter Crabtree Dean, Career Technological Education
Chuen-Rong Chan Dean, Liberal Arts
Position Vacant Dean, Student Wellness and Development (Interim)
Denise Richardson Dean, Math & Sciences
Phoumy Sayavong Dean, Humanities, Social Sciences, and Applied Technology (Interim)
*Chris Brown ASLC Student Member
*Inger Stark Distance Education Coordinator

*Voting members




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