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Tech Review Checklist

31 January 2015

Tech Review Checklist

1st – check comments on course with C! icon to see what others have said

2nd – work your way through the outline with the checklist

  • Cover
    • Description in Peralta way format (help button has explanation)
    • If course is the second semester, should start with “Continuation of…”
    • If course is cross-listed, should end with “Not open to students who have completed or are currently enrolled in…”
    • Effective date needs to comply with deadlines
  • List of Changes
    • Encourage to note if changes were made due to assessment
  • Units/Hours – do they match?
    • 1 lecture hour = 1 unit; 3 or 4 lab hours = 1 unit
  • Degree/Transfer – AO (Laura) reviews this page
    • If C-ID course, verify the descriptor is attached
  • Lecture/Lab Content
    • Needs to equal 100%, shouldn’t read like chapter titles, needs details
  • Objectives
    • Should relate to the lecture content and be detailed
    • Can be more specific than SLOs
  • Outcomes – SLO Coordinator (Vina) reviews this page
  • Methods of Instruction
    • Need to click all that apply
    • If DE is checked, review addendum to make sure it’s the same as regular course
  • Assignments
    • Hours is based on lecture, lab is optional and calculated automatically if lecture hours are accurate. So if this is wrong, check the lecture hours
  • Requisites
    • If there are requisites, make sure next page is complete
  • Content Review
    • Make sure list on requisites matches
    • Need to have objectives of requisite match objectives of course
  • Texts, Reading and Materials
    • Textbooks need to be within 5 yrs or have a rational (easier to see in WR or PDF)
    • If needs a rationale, suggestion: Our faculty continually examine new texts as they become available. It is our collective opinion that “name is the most appropriate for our Its pedagogy is up to date.
  • Library – Librarian (Ann) reviews this page
  • Attach Files
    • Encourage attaching syllabus, grading rubrics, C-ID descriptor if required

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