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Committee Members

We are the Laney College Curriculum Committee. Here is a list of our committee members, the division they represent and their email address

Name Position email
Annie Agard Co-chair
Vina Cera (Tech Reviewer) Co-chair
Iolani Sodhy-Gereben Academic Support Services Specialist
Lilia Celhay Vice President of Instruction (Interim)
Laura Bollentino Articulation Officer
Irina Rivkin Counselor
Pinar Alscher (Tech Reviewer) Area 1 – Natural Science
Donald Moore (Tech Reviewer) Area 2 – Social and Behavioral Sciences
Michael Torres Area 3 – Humanities
Steve Zetlan Area 4 – Language and Rationality
Tamika Brown (Tech Reviewer) Area 5 – Ethnic Studies
Phillippa Caldeira Librarian
Daniela Nikolaeva
Career Technical Education
Peter Brown Career Technical Education
Peter Crabtree Dean, Career Technological Education*
Denise Richardson Dean, Math & Sciences*
Tina Vasconcellos Dean, Student Wellness and Development*
 Mildred Lewis Dean, Community Leadership*
Chuen-Rong Chan Dean, Liberal Arts*
 Phoumy Sayavong Dean, Humanities, Social Sciences, and Applied Technology*

*Non-voting members

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    Sunday 23 November 2014
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