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Curriculum Review Process

Note: For a simplified version of this process fulfilling the requirements of the 2015 Program review, go to:

2015 Section 3 Program Review Forms and Directions

Here at Laney, we are asking that you review the accuracy of your curriculum every three years. This provides us all an opportunity to ensure that our Course Outlines of Record (COR) are up to date and reflect the quality of courses we offer.

As chair of your department or cluster, we ask that you complete this planning report and return it to our committee by the end of September in the year you are doing your curriculum review. Once you have returned the form, the committee will review the information you provide and will schedule a time to meet with us to discuss your courses and programs.  Here is the checklist:

Curriculum Review Checklist

The above checklist is a revised version posted 10-07-2014. If you have already started work on another version of this checklist, go ahead and use the old one–don’t start all over again.

Instructions for completing the Curriculum Review:

1. Start by listing all the active courses and programs that your discipline offers on the Curriculum Review Checklist: Course number, course name and date of last update. Do do this:

Login to Curricunet

(Contact Anne Agard or Vina Cera if you need help logging into Curricunet. You know you are in when the screen changes from blue to green.)

Go to the search function at the bottom left of the screen, and search for Courses–> All–> Laney College–> your discipline. For programs, go back to the search function and repeat the steps for Programs.

Active courses and programs show in red.

Here are lists of all the active courses including the date they were last updated in CurricuNET, entered on an Excel file so that the information can be copied and pasted into your

Active Course List September 2015 

Active Courses for PE

To view your discipline’s programs, login to Curricunet, go to the search function at the bottom left of the screen, and search for Programs–> All–> Laney College–> your discipline.

2. Indicate whether the course is in the current catalog. If you do not have a hard copy of the catalog handy, you can look online:

Laney College 2015-2017 Catalog

Check to be sure that the catalog information matches the information in Curricunet, and make a note on your Curriculum Review Planning Checklist.

3. Indicate whether the course is on record at the State level. This link will let you search the State Inventory:

4. Check to see if the course is in PROMT. This link is not available on this website right now, but will be soon.

5. Make notes about what needs to be done about each course.

If a course has not been updated for two or more years, you should plan to update it.

If it has not been offered for more than two years, and you have no plans to offer it in the near future, consider deactivating it.

6. Enter information about pending and launched courses in your department. To see these, you must login to Curricunet, go to Search/Courses, select “Laney,” “All,” and your discipline. Look at the courses that appear in green (launched) and purple (pending).

7. For pending and launched courses, enter on the form the number, course name, and the date originated.

8. Check the course to see its current status. To do this, go to “Search All Proposals” on the right side of the Curricunet screen, filter for “Laney” and “Check Status.”

9. Make a note  if this update is no longer relevant, so the Curriculum Committee chairs can delete it.

10. If your department offers degrees or certificates, repeat these steps for the portion of the form devoted to programs.

11. After you have completed as much of the Curriculum Planning Checklist as you can, make an appointment with Academic Support Services Specialist Iolani Sodhy-Gereben, who will help you with coding and with any questions about the course’s state and PROMT status.

12. If yours is a C.T.E. discipline, consult C.T.E. representatives on the Curriculum Committee to be sure you have complied with all C.T.E. requirements. (See Committee list on the home page of this website to see who these people are.)

13. If you are updating or deactivating transfer courses or programs, make an appointment with Articulation Officer Laura Bollentino

14. For all other questions, feel free to contact the Curriculum Committee Co-Chairs, Anne Agard and Vina Cera

15. When you begin to update courses and programs, you can use the following worksheets to guide yourself  through the process.

Course Update Worksheet

Program Review Worksheet

16. During Fall Semester 2015, you will be scheduled to attend a meeting of the Curriculum Committee to discuss your progress in completing your curriculum review, and to get help from the committee with any questions.

You should plan on completing your curriculum review by the end of Fall 2015 in order to have the information form your curriculum review to use in completing your program review.

Useful Resources:

Here is the Program and Course Approval Handbook: PCAH 5th edition 10/13

Here’s a link to the new PCAH where you can search topics:

Here is a ASCCC Guide for CORs: Course Outline of Record Curriculum Guide

Starting in Fall of 2012, we will be discussing your curriculum updates with you in the following groups:

GROUP A completed checklists are seen as green links. You can click on the department name to see the checklist

Group A (2015-2016)
Group B (2013-2014) Group C (2014-2015)
Natural Sciences Ethnic Studies Social Sciences
Performance Humanities Mass Communication
Language Arts
Modern Languages
Green Jobs Industrial Main Construction
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