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Getting Started

To get started you just need a login name. If you don’t have one, email Amy.

If you have one, go ahead and go to and look around. We recommend you use Firefox, it seems to work better.

Once you are in CurricuNet, you can create or modify both Courses and Programs including Fee Based Courses Here’s a handout for Creating a Fee Based Course.

Here is a handout created to help you out: Getting Started in Curricunet

If you are unsure about what type of change you are making to the course, see the definitions on the “What Goes to CIPD and What Doesn’t ” page

Throughout the program, there are blue ‘?”s that are help windows and some are very helpful. These include information on how to write a course description, what numbers relate to transfer, what information belongs in each area, etc.

While writing you course, you may have questions about SLOs vs. Objectives. This handout may answer those questions: SLOs vs. Objectives

Here are two handouts to help you write your SLOs: Writing SLOs Writing SLOs checklist

When building a new course, you may need to choose a new number. CurricuNet will not let you use a number that has already been used. Here are the guidelines: Uniform Course Numbering System

If your course is offered on another campus, it’s best to let them know what you’re plans are. Here’s information on Consultation Procedures

The State Chancellor has some specific rules that you may want to review: PCAH 5th edition 10/13 and Title 5 Guidelines on Repeatability4-27-12 FINAL



If you are working on Programs

Our Educational Program Development Process Handout will help explain the process and let you know what we except of you when you come to our committee meetings. Here is a digital form to fill out the information we ask for in Program Development: Request for Program Approval Form

If you would just like the state application, here is the new program form as a word document (NewCreditProgramCCC-501-Jan2011). To make substantial changes to an existing program, use this form – SubChangeCCC-510-Jan2011.  Here is the state’s handout to help you fill it out (it is 39 pages long, so I suggest you review it on your computer first). Please be sure you read the Laney College Handout as well.

District-wide, there is another manual from 2002 if you need it: Program Development Manual (PCCD)

If you are working on a CTE course, you may also find helpful information on the Bay Area Community College Consortium website (

Here is the latest list of State Approved Programs: [download id=”6″]

If you need more help, just ask your Lead Tech Reviewer or Curriculum Committee Chair.

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