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Where Can I Find it? Downloadable Document List

This page provides a list of where you can find certain downloadable documents on our website. Hopefully, you can find what you need quick!

You can also download all the information on this website here: Curriculum-Committee-Website-Information-Updated-5.12.2014

  • Curriculum Committee Home
    • Curriculum Committee Guidelines
    • Peralta District Manual
  • Curriculum Review Process
    • Curriculum Review Checklist for Chairs
    • Example: Media Department
    • Laney Active Course Report (excel file)
    • PeopleSoft List (excel file)
    • State Inventory of courses and programs (excel files)
    • Searchable link to State Inventory
    • Program and Course Approval Handbook (PCAH)
    • Course Outline of Record Curriculum Guide
  • Meeting Information
    • Curriculum Accomplishments 7-10, 10-11, 11-12, 12-13 years
  • Committee Members
  • How do I? Quick Reference
  • Approval Process
    • Peralta District Curriculum Process
  • Getting Started
    • Getting Started in CurricUNET
    • Creating a Fee Based Course
    • SLOs vs. Objectives: Writing SLOs, Writing SLO Checklist
    • Uniform Course Numbering System
    • Consultation Procedures
    • PCAH
    •  Title V Guidelines on Repeatability
    • Educational Program Development Process (Laney specific)
    • Request for Program Approval Form
      • State forms/signature page
    • Program Development Manual (PCCD)
    • Web link to Bay Area Community College Consortium
  • Creating a New Courses or Making Changes to Outlines
    • PCAH
    • Title V Guidelines on Repeatability
    • Faculty Guide for Transfer
  • Creating a New or Making Changes to Your Program
  • What Goes to CIPD and What Doesn’t
  • Course Search in ASSIST
  • CTE Courses and Programs
  • Transfer Degrees (SB1440) at Laney College
  •              How to Create a Transfer Degree
  •              Information from State Chancellor’s Office Regarding the Bill
  • Agendas and Minutes
  • Where Do I Find It?

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