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Career Counseling Services


will help you answer questions such as:


  • How do I make decisions about my career or major selection?
  • How do I narrow my choices of majors or career options?
  • How can I change the direction of my career?
  • How do I research specific majors or careers?


Please call (510) 464-3152 or (510) 464-3153 to schedule a career counseling appointment. The Employment Services Center provides the following career assessments’ administrations and interpretations in individual or group counseling sessions:


Strong Interest Inventory: Assess your interests to explore majors and occupations based on your personality type and work environment.


Kuder Journey: Assess your Interests, Skills, and Values to explore majors and occupations based on your personality type, work environment, and acquired skills.


Myers-Briggs Type Indicator: Assess your personality type to explore majors and occupations based on four natural preferences.


CopSystem: Assess your interests, values, and abilities to explore majors and occupations based on group of occupational clusters.


The Knowdell Career Values Card Sort: is a simple tool that allows students to prioritize their values in five minutes.


The Knowdell Motivated Skills Card Sort: is a quick and easy way to identify the areas that are central to personal and career satisfaction and success.


Career assessment is also available through our Career Life Planning (Counseling 57) and College Success (Counseling 24) courses. Please view the Laney’s college catalog for these course descriptions.


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