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Career Values and Motivated Skills Card Sorts



The Knowdell Career Values Card Sort is a simple tool that allows students to prioritize their values in five minutes. Fifty-four variables of work satisfaction-such as time freedom, precision work, power, technical competence and public contact-are listed and described. This is also an effective took for job seekers, those-fine-tuning their present jobs and career changes at  all ages and stages.


The Knowdell Motivated Skills Card Sort is a quick and easy way to identify the areas that are central to personal and career satisfaction and success. Based on experience, feedback and instinct, students use the cards to assess their proficiency and motivation in 51 transferable skills areas.


Follow the below steps to begin the Values or Motivated Skills Card Sorts tool:


Step 1. Contact the counseling office at (510) 646-3152 to schedule a career counseling appointment.


Step 2. Make a follow up appointment to interpret your Values or Motivated Skills card sorts results.

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