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Resolutions & Amendments to Constitution

AMENDMENT to ARTICLE VII of The Laney College Faculty Senate Constitution (Spring 2016): In accordance with Article X. A., The Amending Process, on April 5, 2016, a motion was made to amend Article VII.A.6. at the request of more than 15 members of the electorate.  The proposal was ratified by more than 2/3 of the cast ballots by secret ballot on May 3, 2016.  The constitution was amended as follows:

Article VII.A.6:  Hourly faculty shall elect two  four representatives college-wide.

April 19, 2016: Resolution that the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges supports AB 2009 and other efforts to increase the success of undocumented students at California public institutions of higher education

Resolution to support AB 2009

March 1, 2016:  Resolution that the Laney College Faculty Senate request a full-time Mental Health Specialist to support student’s mental health needs in accordance with the Budget Allocation Model so that Laney is not left with a gap in these urgently needed services.


Nov. 24, 2015: Resolution that the Laney College Faculty Senate request that College President Webb and Vice President of Instruction Celhay make the PASS report originally requested by Dr. Gravenberg available to the Faculty Senate before its December 1st meeting.

Resolution – Laney College PASS Report.APPROVED_11_24_15pdf

Nov. 24, 2015: Resolution that the Laney College Faculty Senate request an immediate meeting between the college president and a delegation of senators to review, in detail, the SSSP and Equity planning process, the SSSP and Equity Funds, and SSSP and Equity expenditures.


November 3, 2015: Resolution recommending that the Peralta Community College District allocate an additional $75,000 in funds for instructional equipment and library materials to Laney College

Resolution Distribution of Funds for Equipment Supplies and Library Materials

Resolution requesting an immediate response (on or before Tuesday, October 27) from the President (not a designee) regarding expenditures and planning process for SSSP and Student Equity:


Resolution urging the administration to work with the Senate to develop and institute a transparent process for requesting and assigning smart classrooms


December 2, 2014: Resolution Recommending the Chancellor Review Colleges’ Plans and Reports and use this review to draft the District service center support and budget proposal for shared governance review

DAS Resolution on the Allocation of Special Funds_2014_12_02

February 18, 2014: Resolution Requesting Faculty Senate Representation on District Planning and Budget Council

Resolution Fac Sen Representation PBC amended 2014-02-18


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