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The Laney College Department of Modern Languages offers courses designed to develop reading, writing, listening and speaking skills at the beginning, intermediate and advanced levels to students who want to learn a second language.

Courses offered are Chinese, French, Japanese and Spanish.  These are taught by a team of top-rate teachers who highly value knowledge retention and active student participation while acquainting students with the various cultures.

 Elementary** and Conversational* Chinese

Chinese is offered in a series of two (2) 5-unit elementary courses and a 3-unit conversational course.

Elementary Chinese 1 introduces students to pronunciation, grammar, sentence patterns and practical vocabulary.  Elementary Chinese 2 proceeds to the study and practice in speaking, understanding, reading and writing Chinese characters.  Conversational Chinese reinforces speech and comprehension through daily practice.

 Elementary** to Intermediate** French

Elementary French is offered as a 2-course series focusing on  grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and comprehension.  Intermediate French proceeds to grammar review, conversation and composition based on readings in French.

 Elementary** and Conversational* Japanese and Culture

 Elementary Japanese is a 5-unit course introducing students to Japanese pronunciation, grammar, sentence patterns and practical vocabulary.  Conversational Japanese and Culture is a 2-course series (also 5 units each) focusing on modern Japanese speaking patterns (from simple to proficient), as well as knowledge and appreciation of Japanese culture.


Elementary**, Intermediate** and Conversational* Spanish

Elementary Spanish 1A and 1B are 5-unit introductory courses focused on speaking, reading, writing and understanding Spanish while Intermediate Spanish 2A (5 units) focuses on grammar review, conversation, composition writing, reading and aural-oral practice. Beginning Conversational Spanish 30A and 30B is a two part series focusing on the use of modern colloquial Spanish in conversation as well as elementary grammar.

Spanish 22A for Bilingual/Native Speakers and Advanced Students of Spanish

Elementary and intermediate Spanish for students whose native language is Spanish or advanced students of Spanish courses who would like to improve their skills in the language: Reading development, orthography, grammar, and composition. The class will be conducted mainly in Spanish.

** courses acceptable for transfer credit to California State University (CSU) and University of California (UC)

*courses acceptable for transfer credit only to CSU


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