Steps to Getting Started at Laney College

1. Apply for AdmissionGetting Started final

2. Complete Assessment

  • Make an Appointment: Building A, Room A101
  • Take Assessment (Math and English/ESL): Building A,  A105
  • Enroll in COUN 201: Orientation to College

3. Attend Orientation: COUN 201

  • Learn about college programs, services, and policies
  • Select your classes and create your Abbreviated Student Education Plan (ASEP)

4. See a Counselor

5. Enroll in Classes

  • Welcome Center: Building A, Room A101
  • Or enroll online here: Passport

6. Get Your Photo ID

  • Welcome Center: Building A, Room A101

7. Pay Your Fees

  • Cashier: Building A, Room 201
  • Or pay online on your Passport

8. Buy Your Books


*** Getting Started is compliant to the state mandated Student Success and Support Program (SSSP)