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Institutional Effectiveness Reports

On June 5, 2012 the college community conducted an end-of-the-year Institutional Effectiveness meeting. Attendees included student government representatives, faculty from assorted departments, faculty senate leaders, classified staff representatives, classified senate leaders, and the administrative team. The group reflected, assessed, and evaluated how effective the college was with the 2011-2012 Strategic Goals and Measurable Outcomes. The overarching goals were based on four topics: student success, accreditation, assessment of student learning outcomes, and resources. Each goal included multiple measurable outcomes. The primary goal for this meeting was to create an atmosphere in which all participants felt safe and encouraged to share meaningful reflections of their experiences through the year that contributed to establishing a collective knowledge that informed the planning for the 2012-2013 year. The meeting was meant to get everyone in the room to share ideas, questions, suggestions, discoveries, and assessments in an informal format that allowed the conversation to happen organically while producing valuable comprehensive information that lead to a substantive assessment. The following presentation is a summary of that meeting and its context.


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