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Contact Information

Executive Vice President of Student Learning

Steven Cohen



Executive Assistant Vice President

Christy Blue

(510) 986- 6908



Academic Support Services Specialist

Amany Elmasry

(510) 464-3219



Division of Business, Math, and Sciences

Dean of Instruction: Inger Stark, Ph.D.

(510) 464-3102



Division of Community Partnerships and Workforce Development

Dean of Instruction:

(510) 464-3215



Division of Fine and Applied Arts, Communications, and Physical Education

Dean of Instruction: Marco Menendez

(510) 464-3221



Division of Humanities, Language Arts, and Social Sciences

Dean of Instruction: Linda Sanford

(510) 464-3233




Division of Vocational Technology

Dean of Instruction: Peter Crabtree

(510) 464–3218

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