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Jeffrey Heyman 

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  •  25 years experience working with local, national and international journalists in the production of news, including producing and editing daily and weekly news and feature programs.
  • Oversee 11 social media sites featuring multimedia content including radio streams and audio downloads, video, and news and public information feeds.
  • Established media departments, including radio stations and television production operations and trained staff on journalistic standards, use of the Internet, marketing and other media-related topics.
  • Mentored journalists, advising them on techniques and career paths.
  • Designed and delivered media training and journalist capacity building workshops and seminars in the United States and overseas.
  • Served on national media standards and freedom of the press committees.
  • Deputy spokesperson for the United Nations in Bosnia and Rwanda, working closely with journalists for major news outlets such as The New York Times, The Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, BBC, CNN, National Public Radio and national broadcast network news programs, including the CBS News program 60 Minutes.
  • Published numerous letters and opinion pieces in The New York Times, Washington Post, International Herald Tribune, San Francisco Chronicle, Oakland Tribune, Contra Costa Times and San Jose Mercury News.
  • Guest lecturer on the media at international conferences, including United Nations conferences on hate media and slavery, the Commonwealth Club, University of Toronto, University of California, Davis, Berkeley City College and Laney College.
  • Completed Secondary/Post Secondary Teacher Credential Program at San Francisco State University.

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    Sunday 30 April 2017
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