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Semester Links

Week 1

Week 2 (Origins)

NPR News story on the sale of The Well and the origins of social media sites:

Week 3 (E-mail, Twitter, Facebook, Blogs)

I Forgot My Phone:

NYTs More connected or more alone?

NPR’s Talk of the Nation: Using Hashtags (8 Jan 13):

Week 4 (The Changing Role of a Reporter)

Sherry Hu, formerly a KPIX-TV reporter, spoke to the Laney College Journalism 65 ‘Social Media for Journalists’ class, on February 22, 2013:

Week 5 (Local, Micro Social Media)

Guest Lecture video: Shaun Tai of Oakland Digital on use of social media, digital arts in an urban setting. Link to video:

Oakland Local:

Week 6 (User Agreements)

Trailer for Terms and Conditions (thanks to Tim):

NYT New Facebook Policy Still Cryptic:

NYT Privacy Groups Aim to Stop FB Policy Changes:

NYT Facebook Delays Privacy Policy:

Assignment  Choose a user agreement from a social media site, read the entire agreement. Select a term or a section that you find interesting. Write a 250-word essay on the user agreement, quote the term or section and detail why you selected it. Use the MLA citation standard to refer to the section you quoted. For MLA citation standards, see

Week 7 (News Organizations)
Old video:

Current YouTube Channel:

Week 8 & Week 9 (Elections and Social Media)

Daniel Borenstein, Columnist and editorial writer, Contra Costa Times, Oakland Tribune and the Bay Area News Group/East Bay:

For in-class discussion:

Week 10 (FOIA, Copyright, Sources & Ethics)

FOIA: FBI documents on Richard Aoki and the Black Panther Party:

Peralta TV Special Interview with Richard Aoki:

Copyright and Legal Issues: Kip Welch Guest Lecture on the legal aspects of social media:

Sources: NPR: How Storyful vets online content for news organizations:

Ethics: On The Media: Social Media Coverage Of The Boston Bombing:

Read New York Times Magazine article on Boston bombing and write a 250-word review of the article for discussion in class next week: The Boston Bombing-Should Reddit Be Blamed for Crowd Sourcing a Smear?:

Week 11: Social Media and National Security 1

Discuss the nexus of our online usage and increased government surveillance. Watch in the class the PBS Frontline program “United States of Secrets” ( (Assignment 11: 3 tweets during the week about surveillance and national security to #journalism65. Assess your own online/social media use and write a 250-word essay on your feelings and/or concerns about security online.)

Week 12: Social Media and National Security 2 

Voice security on your smart phone (NPR):

Watch in the class the PBS Frontline program “United States of Secrets,” part 2. Discuss the role of the Snowden leaks and journalists in the debate about national security and freedom of the press. ( (Assignment 12: 3 tweets during the week about national security and freedom of the press to #journalism65. Write a 250-word essay on what you learned by watching the PBS series, “United States of Secrets.”)

Week 13: War Journalists and Reporting from Overseas

International Reporting and what it takes to be a war correspondent. How to be a reporter overseas and in war zones using social media and other techniques. Watch BBC Documentary by Jeremy Bowen:  (Assignment 13: Based on the class lecture and the documentary we watched, create a list of everything you would take and everything you need to do if you were assigned to travel as foreign correspondent to cover a war zone. List also what you would do on your first day on the ground in a war zone.)

Columbia Journalism Review: What’s in David Carr’s backpack:

Week 14: Photojournalism

Pinterest Pulitzer Prize-winning Photographs:

30 Photos that Changed the World:

NPR A War Photographer In His Element:

Ray Chavez:

OJ Simpson cover photos on Time and Newsweek:


Week 15: Political mash ups, memes, Tumblr and and other tidbits

Thomas Nast:

Meme Center:

Pepper Spraying UC Davis Cops Video:

The Week: Pepper Spraying Cop Meme:

Pepper Spraying Cop Meme Images:

Know Your Meme:

You Only Had One Job:

Make your own meme and meme image gallery:

Week 16: LinkedIn



Other Links

(Investigative Reporting and Social Media)

Seth Rosenfeld/Richard Aoki Case Study

Rosenfeld’s Subversives Aoki Chaper

NewsHour: Employees and Social Media (28 Jan 13)

Pew Research on News Media

60 Minutes Report on the Founder of Twitter


(International Reporting and Social Media)

NPR Arab Spring and Social Media:

GRNLive, The Foreign Correspondent’s Network Links: Twitter: @grnlive

New York Times New Diplomatic Avenue: 140-Characters:


Sumul Shaw – Wildlife Control Links

Talk of the Nation: Tweeting Crime: Law Enforcement Adapts To Social Media


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