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Drought Ideas

Three Drought Ideas

In an open letter to Gov. Brown, and other through social media, I have suggested three ways the State could not only save substantial amounts of water, but also introduce freshwater into California’s parched reservoirs during the current worsening drought.


1) Leak Squad: Create a State-funded “Leak Squad” to repair residential water leaks at no charge to homeowners. These leaks are a major cause of wasted water. Many homeowners do not repair leaks because of the potential cost. The State could fund a network of plumbers that would make repairs and be paid by the State. The program would act like energy incentive programs already in place in California. The “Leak Squad” would have the added bonus of putting people to work and further boosting the economy. Money could be diverted from sustainability funds to pay for the program during the course of the Drought Emergency.

2) Aqueduct Cover: Much of the California Aqueduct is open to the elements. A substantial amount of water must be lost to evaporation. The State could fund a project to cover the Aqueduct and save water that otherwise would evaporate. This program also prevent terrorists from introducing contaminates into California’s water supply. (I am surprised the Aqueduct has remained uncovered considering this dreadful potential.) Perhaps Federal funding would be available due to the security aspects of protecting California’s water supply.

3) Icebergs: Admittedly, this one is a bit fanciful, but the State could tow large icebergs, which are primarily made up of freshwater, to the California coast  or to the San Francisco Bay. The icebergs could be broken up into manageable chunks and heavy-lift helicopters could ferry these iceberg chunks to municipal reservoirs such as Crystal Springs, Lake Chabot, San Pablo, Barryessa and Pyramid/Chasitic (SoCal).

  • Jeff Heyman

    Friday 1 August 2014
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