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News of the Week

25 Oct 2013

“Nielsen to Measure Twitter Chatter,” NYT:

“Twitter Illiterate?” NYT:

“White House Official Fired,” NYT:

“Social Media Alternatives For Everyone,” NYT:

1 Nov 2013

“Facebook Police,” Daily Beast:

“Young People Let Digital Apps Dictate Their Identities, Say 2 Scholars,” Chronicle of Higher Ed:

“New Diplomatic Avenue: 140-Characters,” NYT:

8 Nov 2013

“The Psychology of Online Comments,” The New Yorker:

“A New Novel…How People Use Technology,” NYT:

“Comcast to Promote TV Shows on Twitter,” NYT:

“Riding the Hashtag,” NYT:

“Twitter IPO,” The Guardian:

15 Nov 2013

“Zuckerbrrg Guid to the Web,” The Independant:

22 Nov 2013

“They Loved Your GPA,” NYT:

“An Experiment in Hiring Discrimination Via Online Social Networks,” Carnegie Mellon University Abstract:

“They’re Watching You at Work,” The Atlantic:

6 December 2013

“Inside a Twitter Robot,” WSJ Online:

“Iranians React To Nuclear Deal On Social Media,” NPR:

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