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Hello Everyone and Welcome!

My name is Kathy Williamson and I’m an instructor at Laney College and City College of San Francisco.  I wanted to introduce myself and tell you a little bit about my life.

I have always worked in the field of education (from tutoring in High School and College to teaching upon graduation) and I have always loved math!  I did my undergraduate work at UC Davis and my graduate work at CSU Hayward (so if any of my students are interested, feel free to ask me about my experiences at either of those Universities!).

At Davis, I majored in Applied Mathematics and German.  I studied abroad for a year and worked for one summer in Germany.  At CSUH I got my M.S. in Applied Mathematics.

Upon graduation, I taught math at Berkeley High School for a year.  For four years after that I worked at Laney College as the Instructional Assistant in Mathematics.  After getting my Master’s at Hayward, I worked at Laney College, UC Berkeley (Fall Freshman Program) and San Francisco City College as a mathematics instructor.  I was hired at Laney College as a full time mathematics instructor in Spring 2006 and received tenure Spring 2010!  I also teach part time at CCSF – usually at the beautiful Mission Campus.

In my free time, I love to hike and I love to sail and I love to travel.  But most recently, I had a baby (5/21/13).  We named her Lenora Mayeda King and here are a few pictures of her:


IMAG0213  Smiley  Day 3 Home  2013-06-05 19.21.26


Here are some memories of years past (before baby!):


Summer (2011), I did a big backpacking trip in the Swiss Alps and Iceland!    Here’e me ice climbing in Iceland:

My last ski before Lenora was born (while pregnant!) in Tahoe:

2013-01-02 13.29.29

Switzerland, summer 2012

I also love to sail.  I used to race pretty regularly in the estuary (maybe I am again by the time you read this!), and take advantage of all possible opportunities to sail in the bay.  Here is a picture of me on a J105 racing in the bay and the other is from the Pink Boat race (in benefit of breast cancer).  You can’t tell, but the pink boat is a sail boat!


If any of my students enjoy the outdoors as I do, feel free to give me suggestions, tell me about your experiences or ask me about mine!

If you would like to contact me, please feel free to email me at kathmatics@yahoo.com or kwilliamson@peralta.edu!  You can also find me before or after class when I’m teaching.

Summer 2014 Class Schedule

How to find me:

  • Email is the best way to reach me: kwilliamson@peralta.edu
  • Before and between the classes I am teaching by HC 213

Math Help!

  • MathXL – I have put up chapter lectures, Power Point slides and supporting homework animations/videos before each chapter homework.
  • LAC – CCSF Mission Campus, 4th floor of the Library
  • LAC – CCSF Ocean Campus, Library
  • Online Video Lectures: http://www.khanacademy.org/ or search youtube.com
  • Email me and ask me questions or find me between classes!

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