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The last shipment of computers arrived in June and the IT Department completed the instructional upgrade for both Mac and PC computers for the entire college. As of June 25th, a total of 1,372 computers were installed campus-wide. Many thanks to our executive team, the Technology Committee, Dr. Elnora Webb, outgoing VPI Matthew Jackson, and countless faculty members that supported this acquisition.

MacBook Air laptops


Adobe Site Licenses

Laney College with the help of teachers, business office, and administrative offices purchased Adobe Site Licenses to support Graphic Arts, Art, Photography, Multimedia, CTE programs, and Administrative Offices.


Turnitin Software

During the spring 2014 academic semester, faculty members requested through the Technology Committee to review a demonstration of  the Turnitin plagiarism software to determine if it could be beneficial to Laney faculty. As a result, the IT Department facilitated two Turnitin demonstrations held at the Technology Center on March 31st and May 15th. During the two demonstrations, Laney faculty got first-hand experience of the Turnitin application.

Afterwards, a survey was created and distributed by the faculty senate that returned positive feedback from faculty about acquiring the Turnitin software. Shortly thereafter, the college purchased a site license for Turnitin which will give Laney faculty access to the Turnitin module starting August 1st, 2014.

For students, Turnitin serves as a collaboration platform that facilitates peer reviews. Students don’t just learn from instructors they also learn from one another through evaluating each others work and discussing it.

Faculty will find the application both useful and effective for their grading processes; it increases student engagement and improves the quality of feedback for student assignments; ensures originality-checks students’ work for improper citation or potential plagiarism by comparing it against the world’s largest academic database; smarter grading-gives students legible, timely feedback while saving instructors grading time; and it has five types of rich feedback on any type of assignment

The Turnitin application would serve as a tool for the college’s overall strategic plan and mission to develop and manage resources to advance and sustain our college’s mission and leverage resources to ensure student success and academic completion.


Mobile AV Cart

Faced with a shortage of Smart Classrooms on the Laney College campus, the Technology Committee began looking for alternative solutions. To  this end the APASS department financed a prototype AV cart built by the IT Department. This AV cart (pictured below) was presented to the Technology Committee for testing and review and was approved. Laney College is currently working on building more AV carts as a temporary solution to compensate for the shortage of smart classrooms on campus.

Prototype AV Cart Prototype AV Cart






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