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The IT Group had a busy Spring and Summer with the new Lenovo computers arriving for the Instructional Labs and the Administrator’s move back to the renovated Tower Building before the Fall 2013 semester. The IT Group has received positive feedback from both students and teachers about the new computers in the Instructional Labs and we wish to thank President Webb and the College Administration for their help with expediting the process.


New Lenovo Computers

In April 2013, the IT Group began receiving the new Lenovo computer shipments for installation in the Instructional Labs .


The Senior College Information Systems Analyst coordinated the Lenovo shipments with the Business Office and with District Warehouse Personnel. With the help of the custodial staff, the IT Group temporarily stored the shipments on campus. The different Instructional Lab staff then scheduled installation dates with the Analyst to retrieve the new computers ordered for their areas and get the assistance of the IT Group to install the new computers in their respective labs.

F170C Lab BF170 Lab C


Math LabLibrary

The old computer hardware from the Instructional labs were prepped and laid onto palettes to be taken away for eventual shipment back to the District warehouse for disposal. The IT Group which consists of the Senior College Information Systems Analyst, the Department Network Coordinators, the Computer Network Technicians, and a student worker completed installation of 865 computers in the Instructional Labs, Library, Welcome Center, and Assessment Center. They installed an additional 507 computers for Administration and Programs and 100 computers for adjunct teachers.


Tower Building Move

Over the summer the Laney Administration started moving back to the newly renovated Tower Building. After the summer session, members of the IT Group assisted in the Tower Building move by unpacking the boxed-up computers and peripherals and reassembling them in their appropriate 2nd, 7th, and 8th floor workstation areas.

We look forward to assisting the faculty with their eventual move back to their offices in the Tower building.





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    Thursday 24 July 2014
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