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Program Overview

Interpreting is one of the fastest-growing professions in the U.S. More and more, society is recognizing the vital role interpreters play in an increasingly diverse and multilingual society.

The Legal and Community Interpreting Program (State-Approved Certificate of Achievement) is designed for:

1)   Highly-proficient bilingual (English-Spanish) individuals interested in furthering their language skills and seeking opportunities in the lucrative, growing and diverse field of professional interpretation;

2)   Spanish interpreters with limited experience, who are not certified and are interested in taking the California Court Interpreter Certification Exam to pursue a career in court interpretation.

The six 3-unit courses in the program cover all the essential skills, knowledge and training that interpreters need in order to immediately enter the job market and join the field of community interpretation, and then pass the California (Consortium) Exam for Court Interpreters, for employment in the California courts.

These are the courses in the Program:

1) Overview of the California Court System and State Law (POSCI 021)

2) Introduction to Spanish-Language Legal Interpretation (LCI 201)

3) Sight Translation (LCI 202)

4) Consecutive Interpretation (LCI 203)

5) Simultaneous Interpretation (LCI 204)

6) Preparation for the California Court Interpreter Certification Exam (LCI 205)

(Click on “Course Descriptions” on the left to see details about the content of each course in the Program.)

This is the only program that contains a Political Science component that includes curriculum content about the California state courts and judicial system.

College-level proficiency in English and Spanish is required for successful completion of this program. Students who need to refresh and strengthen their Spanish skills should consider enrolling in the following Spanish classes:


  • Span 22A/B – Spanish for Bilingual Speakers I & II

Instructor: Angela Zawadzki and others

Enrollment code: Please see current semester schedule of classes

For details or any questions about these courses, please contact Professor Angela Zawadzki directly at:

All courses within this program are also available as independent offerings for students interested in the individual subject or subjects.

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