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Oakland City Chorus Resource Page

Syllabus Chorus Fall 2014

Free Bach Magnificat Choral Score, Magnificat Translation, Magnificat Diction,

Bach Videos: Part I, Part II, Part III

Niaayeshe Sung Diction, Niaayeshe Translation, Niaayeshe All Voices

Fengyang Diction, Fengyang Song Translation, Fenyang All Voices

Ave Maria- Diction, Ave Maria Translation, Dett Ave Maria Video

Soprano 1 (some distortion due to computer processing)

Sop1 Bach I, Sop1 Bach IV, Sop1 Bach VIISop1 Bach XI, Sop1 Bach XII

Niaayeshe Sop, Fenyang Soprano, Dett Soprano

Soprano 2 (some distortion due to computer processing)

Sop2 Bach ISop2 Bach IVSop2 Bach VIISop2 Bach XI, Sop2 Bach XII

Niaayeshe Sop, Fenyang Soprano, Dett Soprano,

Alto (some distortion due to computer processing)

Alto Bach IAlto Bach IVAlto Bach VIIAlto Bach XI, Alto Bach XII

Niaayeshe Alto, Fenyang Alto , Dett Alto,


Tenor Bach ITenor Bach IVTenor Bach VIITenor Bach XI, Tenor Bach XII

Niaayeshe Tenor, Fenyang Tenor, Dett Tenor,


Bass Bach IBass Bach IVBass Bach VIIBass Bach XI, Bass Bach XII

Niaayeshe Bass, Fengyeng Bass, Dett Bass,

Fall 2014 CLASS CODES:

M/W 12-1:40 PM: 43947

Tuesdays 6-9PM: 43948

Practice Recordings (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass)

Free Bach Magnificat Choral Score

Magnificat J.S. Bach (1685-1750)

Ave Maria Nathanial Dett (1882-1943)

and music in Farsi and Mandarin

Spring 2015:

Schicksalslied Johannes Brahms (1833-1897)

Choral Fantasy Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827)

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