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Music History

The Laney College Music Department offers a four-semester course in Western Music History. Students may take the classes in any order. 3 units count toward either the Humanities requirement or the Music AA History requirement. UC/CSU transferable. (See Catalog Supplement 2011-13)*

New Class Time Fall 2014: T/Th 4-5:15 PM

Syllabus Music History Fall 2014

Fall 2014- 8C: The Romantic Era (1800’s)

Spring 2015- 8D: Music in the Twentieth Century (1900-now)

Fall 2015- 8A: Antiquity Through the Renaissance (3,200 B.C.E.- 1600 C.E.)

Spring 2016- 8B: The Baroque and Classical Eras (1600-1800)

Listening examples, narrative history, and theoretical concepts are explored together. Instructor John Reager is a composer, a former AGMA tenor with the San Francisco Symphony Chorus, and conducts the Oakland City Chorus. He holds two Master of Music degrees from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music and has lectured about Music History on KPFA Radio and at the Berkeley Public Library.

Students earning the AA degree in music must complete two semesters out of the four being offered.

Fulfills Humanities credits for non-Music Majors.

Music History Videos in 12 Categories (work in progress)

Class Assignments and Resources

See also: Jazz History

*Music 8 units may be combined with Music 12 to fulfill the six unit requirement for the Music Major. (See Catalog Supplement 2011-13)

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