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Sample Compositions by John Reager:

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Fantasy for Oboe, Bassoon, and Piano © 2016, scheduled premier February 2017 (MIDI Recording)

City of God © 2008, scheduled premier 2016 by organist Jonathan Dimmock.

Fantasy for Flute, Clarinet, and Piano  © 2009, Esther Landau (Flute), Rachel Cohen (Clarinet), Scott Pratt (Piano); SCORE

Adagio, after Rilke’s ‘Mein Leben’ © 2015 (SCORE Solo Piano)

Hubble (SSA Choir) © 2013 Piedmont East Bay Children’s Choir, in Helsinki (SCORE)

Hubble (Piano Prelude) ©2012  (SCORE) [not the same as the choral piece]

Fantasy,  for Large Pipe Organ © 2008, Jonathan Dimmock, Organist, Dec. 2015 (SCORE)

House With the Red Light © 2009 (Piano Prelude), Laney College

Fantasy for Eb Clarinet and Piano © 2007, S.F.  Conservatory

Anne Sexton Songs ©2006 (Trumpet), ©1994 (Voice):

1- Starry Night

2- From the Garden

3- Her kind

Ego sum vitis ©2003 (Motet), All Souls Choir, Berkeley

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