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Gas Transmission Pipe Welding Program Home

Spring 2014


Video and article: Sparks Fly as Oakland Students Learn One of PG&E’s Most Demanding Skills


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What will I get from this program?

  • Theory and hands-on practice in pipe welding, a high demand skill now for PG&E and other utility companies.
  • Math test-taking strategies and practice for math portion of the PG&E and other utility entrance exams.
  • Reading comprehension test-taking strategies and practice for the entrance exam.
  • Resume development and interview strategies and practice for potential job interviews.


Who is it for?

  • This program is designed for working welders and advanced welding students who want to expand their skills to include pipe welding and to increase their chances of passing entrance exams for public utilities such as PG&E. This program is NOT for beginners.
  • Pipe welders are in high demand in California now and for the next five years. The work is demanding with a lot of travel required, but the wages for first-year apprentices start at $35/hour plus overtime and expenses.


What is the schedule for the program?

  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday 6pm-9pm
  • Saturdays 8am-5pm
  • Classes begin mid January 2014 and end in May 2014


How do I get into this program?

  • Fill out the online application.
  • Application deadline: December 31, 2013
  • Applicants who are selected from the applications will be contacted to take an assessment test.
  • Applicants who pass the assessment test will be invited to an interview.
  • Applicants who pass the interview will be invited to a welding test.
  • Participants will be selected from all who pass the welding test.




Participation in this program in no way guarantees job placement.

  • Contact Information

    Pipe Welding Outreach Coordinator

    Beth Maher 510-464-3225