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Mehserle Verdict Planning

July 1st, 2010

Laney Colleagues and Student Leaders:

The College and District leadership are taking precautions in anticipation of possible responses to a verdict in the trial of former BART police officer Johannes Mehserle.  (This is a case about a young man, Mr. Oscar Grant, who was wrongfully shot/killed by officer Mehserle.  Given evidence via videos and more, there was no apparent reason for this shooting.)

Please read the attached memorandum from our new Chancellor, Dr. Wise Allen, as it alerts us of the possible need to close one or more Peralta colleges in response to conditions surrounding the outcome of the verdict.  If closure is deemed necessary, the Laney leadership team will efficiently provide communications updates while also alerting you of the action(s) deemed necessary at the college beyond that that may be initiated at the District level Thanks to Chancellor Allen and the Peralta Police (County of Alameda Sheriff lieutenants and officers), we are assured sufficient presence of officers in key locations at the College.

Thanks to you and other professionals at Laney, we will safely respond to whatever occurs in a careful, respectful and responsible way.  It is possible that current Laney students, classified staff or faculty knew this Mr. Grant or members of his family.  At least members of our community are affected by the nature of this case.  Our sensitivity to all feelings associated with this matter is critical.  Each one of us must be mindful of our attitudes and actions including how we choose to display our beliefs about this case so as to avoid any harm to members of our community.

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