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Collaboration & Connection

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Here are some opportunities for faculty and staff to build connections and collaborations into your curricula and/or service area:

–Please email if you are doing something connectable and would like to invite faculty and staff to collaborate with you!

Fall 2016:

Two college-wide Teach-Ins are being planned for this semester!

The first one is Wednesday, October 19th from Noon – 5pm, with a focus on issues that are on the November ballot: housing/gentrification, police violence and community oversight, and public funding of public education:


The theme of the October Teach-In at Laney College is “The Audacity of Profit Is A Threat To Democracy”. Grassroots speakers active in the community and on the Laney campus will speak about connections between the needs and rights of students, faculty, staff and community members, austerity and public budget crises, and the influence of corporate profits and control. The October 19 Laney Teach-In will also engage the issue of police violence in local communities. The Teach-In was organized by the Laney College Teach-In Planning Committee, a volunteer group of students, faculty and community organizers united around a mission to create public space to envision an equitable, abundant, and sustainable future for local communities and Laney college.


(more info coming soon on the following items)

Mobile Apps for the Classroom:

Distance Education Checklist:

Moodle resources:

Community Engagement Program:


Spring 2016

MAS image IMG_1500

Theatre Arts department’s March 3rd – 19th (Th-Fri-Sat) production of Milta Ortiz’ play, Mas:

“Told from various perspectives, this fact-based docudrama examines the banning of Mexican American Studies in the Tucson Unified School District (TUSD), as the people involved struggle to hold onto their identity, their community, and their humanity. Based on over 400 pages of interview transcripts, Mas is a streamlined word-for-word recount of the movement to save the Mexican American Studies program at TUSD. The play takes an intimate look at the people at the center of the movement, and how mounting pressure from the State affected their relationships.” –from

* Theatre Arts chair and director Michael Torres is inviting interested faculty to engage with this production in our classes and service areas.

  • Maybe you can write or speak an introduction to a performance, speaking from your discipline perspective and offering your expertise;
  • Or maybe you can speak and facilitate a discussion or ‘talk-back’ after a performance;
  • Or maybe you can bring your students to a performance, and/or build the play into your curriculum. 

Michael specifically invites faculty from the following departments, whose disciplines are closely connected to the story “Mas” shows & tells: MLAT, Geography, Sociology, Cultural Anthropology, Politcal Science, US History, Psychology, Philosophy, ESOL, Spanish and English.

–MLAT and Geography are already in the active mix: Professors Alicia Caballero-Christenson and Mark Rauzon will be acting in the gig!!!

You can contact Michael at


Other collaboration-friendly projects:

* A Mindfulness crew, mostly comprised of students, want to build a college culture of compassionate, energetic people who are resilient to the stress in all of our lives. — We could do greater things if we’re taking care of ourselves and each other! (More details forthcoming)


* Some of those same students are involved in establishing a Farmers Market every week or two on the quad! Business classes, art classes, sociologists, biologists, geographers, readers, writers, thinkers, political scientists, historians, philosophers: Let the market become one of your class’ key texts!

Invitation to participate:

Subject: Farmer’s Market Training
Hi Everyone!

I’m writing to invite you and any interested Peralta students you may know to an intro to the Laney Farmer’s Market Program this Saturday, August 20th at Freedom Farmer’s Market, 5216 Telegraph Ave.

We will be meeting with Elaine Smith and Dr. Gail Myers, the two women who started Freedom Farmer’s Market and who will be working with us at Laney for one year to train students to take the Laney Farmer’s Market and turn it into our own student-run business.

We’ll be meeting between the hours of 10:00am-11:30am. Please let me know if you or someone you know is able to make it. You can call me or email me back to confirm.

Thank you! I hope you all are having beautiful summers and are almost ready to return to school 🙂
Katrina Totten


* An amazing student leader, Marley Benshalom, and a team of growers that could easily include YOU and YOUR STUDENTS is tending the ever-greener Edible Garden–and she would love to talk with more faculty about curricular tie-ins with this literally life-giving, life-sustaining space on our campus.


* A deep Sustainability push is being made by people who think Black Lives Matter more than polar bears — or oil company profits. Anchored partly by Naomi Klein and Avi Lewis’ film This Changes Everything and Klein (et al’s) The Leap Manifesto, these folks aren’t promoting World Wildlife Fund tote bags; they are reading and thinking and acting in the name of sustaining the planet’s people as the key factor in sustaining the planet. (And okay, actually they care a lot about polar bears and other wildlife, too. It’s all connected!) (More details forthcoming)


* Classroom technology: There’s a mild app craze afoot among instructors who want us all to teach each other what we know, and learn from each other how best to reach students and help them succeed. 



* A revival has begun: The college literary and arts magazine, Good News, which fell victim to budget cuts five years ago, is coming back online by going online — with new audio components that weren’t possible in print!

Submissions are due at the end of February. Here is the Call for Submissions: Laney Good News Call for Submissions–Spring 2016

(More details forthcoming)



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