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How to Apply for Professional Development Funds

Full- and part-time Faculty can apply for up to $750 per year for funds.

Classified Staff can apply for up to $600 per year, pending the College President’s Fall 2016 funding decision.

Here are the steps to apply for Professional Development:

1. Be sure you have time to submit a request prior to your conference, class, or other event. Our committee meets 1st and 3rd Tuesdays to consider requests, and our approval has to happen before the event — and preferably a few weeks before the event. One month of lead-time is advised.

Two forms need to be completed and submitted:

2. Complete the Laney College Funding_Request_Form (Word) and attach required documentation showing conference registration costs, tuition costs, estimated travel costs, etc. –Responses to the questions on the form should be clear and concise, but specific enough to help readers comprehend the nature of the endeavor and the way(s) it will benefit you, students, your department, and/or the College.

3. Complete Part 1 (page 1) of the Peralta District Travel Request / Expense Claim Form (Excel)even if you are NOT traveling!  This form needs your signature — but the Deans’ signatures are no longer required. –If you ARE traveling, you’ll need to click on tabs at the bottom of the form to find per-diem rates for various California cities, as well as helpful (though tedious) Instructions. –If you find the form frustrating, please try the Instructions tab; if it’s still frustrating, please contact Chair Chris Weidenbach in T-550 or by email at — or see Carrie Ward Kelly in T-708, or email her at, and they will advise you. –We’re going to make a training video soon!

4. Submit the TWO FORMS (Word & Excel) to Chris or Carrie for review — You can visit Carrie in T-708, or email them to –Carrie and/or Chris will review the two forms, and either confirm their completion or respond to you with advice for revision.

5. Submit print copies of the two forms, along with all required documentation, to the Professional Development mailbox in the Tower building lobby, or to committee chair Chris Weidenbach in Tower #550 early enough that the PD Committee can consider approval prior to the start date of the event. –Our meeting dates are listed below. –Chris will contact you about the committee’s approval decision.

6. To receive reimbursement funds, you must return all receipts to Robbie Fatoorehchi in the Business Office, T-215 on the second floor of the Tower building.


Deadlines/Lead-Time for Applications for Professional Development Funds

Our committee has recently significantly shortened the timeline for reimbursement requests!

Funding requests should be submitted prior to published dates of any events, with a suggested lead-time of at least 4 weeks. –This enables the Committee to consider requests for approval during our first and third Tuesday meetings, and in time to advance these requests through other levels of approval.

We cannot approve requests for events that have already taken place, or in the case of tuition expenses, for classes that have already begun.



  1. Funds are allocated to defray in part costs associated with professional memberships; conference, training, or course tuition fees; travel, including local mileage or public transportation; meals and lodging up to area limits (see tab at the bottom of the travel/expense-claim form) only.
  2. Funds are divided among fall and spring semesters.  If funding is still available, requests for summer activities will be considered at the last two spring semester meetings. –The committee does not meet during the summer.
  3. Multiple applications to the same conference will be considered as a group and whenever possible should be submitted together.

Funds will not be allocated for:

  1. Faculty on leave without pay
  2. Part-time faculty who are not currently teaching at Laney for the semester


Spring 2017 meeting dates–

Tuesdays, 3:30-4:30pm in Tower #450:

Tues Feb 7
Tues Feb 21
Tues March 7
Tues March 21
Tues April 4
Tues April 18
Tues May 2    (summer events recommended deadline)
Tues May 16  (last request consideration until fall ’17!)

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