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 Biotechnology is the utilization of living things in industry, the environment, medicine, and agriculture; it is used in the production of foods and medicines, the reduction of wastes, and the creation of sustainable energy sources.


Biomanufacturing refers to the production, isolation, and purification of medicines made by the pharmaceutical industry.  The San Francisco Bay Area is the world’s leader in biomanufacturing.


The Laney Biomanufacturing Program packages college classes into a career pipeline for high-wage, high-growth biotech manufacturing  jobs.  It provides an industry-driven solution to employment needs in this growing sector.  The program provides students with the necessary training in the basic skills of biology, biomanufacturing, chemistry, and math, as well as an introduction to biomanufacturing careers.


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No prior training in biotechnology or science is required; however, a desire to learn new high tech skills and a passion for the subject is helpful.

Laney’s Biomanufacturing project partners include Regional Technical Training Center (RTTC), Rubicon Programs,  and the Oakland Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce.


One semester fast track program – Certificate of Proficiency – 9 units

  • Biology 75 – Fundamentals of Biotechnology (2 units)
  • Math 208 – Math for Laboratory Scientists (3 units)
  • Chemistry 30A – Introductory Chemistry (4 units)




biotech-surgery Two semester intensive program – Certificate of Achievement – 17 unitsFirst semester

  • same 3 courses as one semester fast track program 

Second semester

  • Biology 76 – Principles of Biomanufacturing (3 units)
  • Biology 3 – Principles of Microbiology (5 units)
For further information, contact:Dr. Leslie Blackie, Biology Department - - Dr. Mike Orkin, Dean of Business, Mathematics, and Sciences –