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TRiO Student Support Services Mission

Our mission is to increase opportunities for first-generation college students from low-income families and students with disabilities to graduate from Laney College and continue their education at a four-year college.

Funded by the U.S. Department of Education, our TRiO SSS program works with only 140 students a year. Being a part of a smaller program allows students more one-on-one time and personalized support. As a result, students become part of a network of individualized and intensive services designed to enhance your academic and personal development.


Free Services for TRiO SSS Students

TRiO Student Support Services offers numerous Academic Support, Cultural Activities, and Skill Development services for participants. Below is a list of some of the free services provided for TRiO SSS students.

  • Academic and Personal Counseling
  • Academic Mentoring & Tutoring
  • Career Planning
  • Transfer Assistance
  • Financial Aid Assistance/Financial Literacy
  • Visits to 4-year Universities
  • Cultural & Enrichment Events
  • Priority Registration (for participants who stay in good standing).

We strive to have dynamic services that respond to the changing needs of our students.

Notice to all TRiO Participants:

We are very sorry to announce that the TRiO Student Support Services Program was, unfortunately, not re-funded by the Department of Education. As a result, August 31st is the last day of the TRiO SSS program. However, we want you to know that we are preparing a transition plan for continued support of existing TRiO students with academic counseling, one-on-one course tutoring and personal mentoring, and professional development workshops. TRiO is a learning community that will carry on through the collaboration of other learning communities, the Transfer & Career Center, and other campus resources. We are committed to institutionalizing the services of TRiO for your continued benefit, and graduation/transfer achievement.


We are happy to announce that Dennise Eskridge will remain as your academic counselor. Her office location will not change. You can find her in the Laney Tower, Room 214. You may reach her by phone: 510-464-3125 or via email:


As for our academic mentors, I am hoping the college will invest in hiring new mentors for you. I have sent my recommendations to our higher administrators advocating for this continued service which we know is incredibly beneficial to your academic success. You will be notified by email of any developments in this regard.


I want to bring to your attention other campus student support programs which may serve you. Please take note:

APASS (The Asian and Pacific American Student Success Program) is accepting applications! They are also transfer support.

o   For more information:

o   Contact: Interim Director, Tomoko Roudebush Ha:



o   EOPS: Extended Opportunity Program and Services provides vocational stipends and book vouchers for students challenged by language, social, and economic circumstances.

o   CARE: Cooperative Agencies Resources for Education is a program that helps single parents of welfare.

o   b2b: Supports former foster youth.

o   CalWORKs: assist students for the purposes of gainful employment upon completion at Laney College.


DSPS (Disable Students Programs & Services) is available to assist students with disabilities with academic accommodation. TRiO has collaborated with DSPS to on our Study Skills workshops! They are a great program.

o   For more information:

o   Contact: Karen Talbot:


The Welcome Center is your home base for many things including:

Welcome Center:

(510) 464-3540

Building “A”, Room 101


What you can do here:

Apply for Peralta Colleges online

  • Add & Drop Classes
  • Make payments online
  • Fill-out Financial Aid Application Only
  • Take photo I.D.
  • Make appointment for Assessment Test (Math & English or ESL
  • Apply for Transcripts online & print-out unofficial Transcripts


And…do not forget about the Peralta Wellness Center, located in the Tower on the 2nd floor. They have a wonderful array of services—which you pay for with your “health fee”—such as, acupuncture, flu shots, medical services, HIV testing and many more:


Remember, too, that you can access General Counselors on the 3rd floor of the Laney Tower.


Financial Aid hosts weekly workshops on financial literacy,  to find out more:




On behalf of our team, thank you for your participation in TRiO, and commitment to your goals. Stay on track, you can do it!


Yours truly,

Roxanne, Dennise, Mihiri, Manu and Gab

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    Monday 5 October 2015
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