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Laney College Tutoring is both centralized and decentralized in that tutoring is offered in three main centers as well as embedded into classroom areas.  Students can access tutoring across the curriculum in writing and math on a drop-in basis in the James Oliver Community Writing Center and Math Lab; students can access subject-specific tutoring on a drop-in basis in the Tutoring Resource Center. Tutoring is also strategically and conveniently offered in classrooms just before or after class to target students in a particular course.

The three main tutoring centers are strategically located on the campus to attract students according to traffic patterns for those disciplines.  The James Oliver Writing Center is located in the B Building where many English and ESL courses are offered.  It is next to the E Building, in which most other English and ESL courses are scheduled.  The Math Lab is in the G Building, where the majority of math classes are scheduled.  The Tutoring Resource Center, offering tutoring in multiple subjects, is housed in the Student Center, the hub of student activities.

All centers are open day and evening hours to accommodate both day and evening students.  Scheduling of operations in these areas is based on usage data to accommodate demand at particular times of day.  The James Oliver Community Writing Center is open from 9:00-8:00 Monday through Thursday and 9:00-3:00 on Friday; the Math Lab is open from 10:00-7:00 Monday through Thursday; the Tutoring Resource Center is open from 11:00-1:00 and 4:00-6:30 Monday through Thursday.

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    Thursday 23 October 2014
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